Endura Aviation Warranty

We are proud to offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty. In order to be eligible, you must complete a Inspection Report and return it to us by fax or email (aviation.sales@endura.ca) within 48 hours of paint application.

Endura Aviation Inspection Report (MS Word)

Endura Aviation Inspection Report (PDF)

Warranty Card


Warranty Details

Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (“Endura”) warrants that all products supplied by Endura (“the Endura Products”) will be free from defects and deficiencies for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase, as long as the Endura Products are applied according to the written specifications and directions of Endura. The Endura Warranty will be limited to the following:
1. Cracking or checking of paint film.
2. Severe loss of gloss of the paint caused by hazing, chalking or fading.
3. Failure of inter-coat adhesion


The Endura Warranty will be limited to the supply of Endura Products to repair the failed area. Endura will provide a product credit for direct labor costs incurred in applying the replacement Endura Products to a maximum of CAD$40.00 per hour. No credit or payment will be given for any other loss, cost or damage, including supervisory or overhead costs, or for economic or consequential damages or loss.


The obligations of Endura under the Endura Warranty are subject to the following:
1. Quality Control inspection report must be submitted within 30 days of product application. Contact us at aviation.sales@endura.ca for a copy.
2. Endura Manufacturing must be contacted in writing, email or by telephone immediately upon the customer becoming aware of a failure in an Endura product and all claims must be approved by an Endura
representative and an agreement put in writing outlining the scope and proper procedure and scheduling before commencement of repair.
3. Any repairs undertaken by the Customer, without the uthorization in writing of the Endura Representative, will be at the sole expense and responsibility of the Customer and Endura will be released of all liability and responsibility with respect to the failed Endura Product.
4. The Endura Warranty will be restricted to Endura Products which are applied in Continental North America only and where the applied Endura Products are available for inspection in Continental North America by an Endura Representative in the event of a failure.
5. All other warranties and conditions imposed or implied by law or statute are expressly excluded and the only warranty for Endura Products is the Endura Warranty as set out herein.


The Endura Warranty will not apply to any of the following situations:
1. Physical film damage caused by scratches, chips, abrasions, dents, or substrate distortion.
2. Exposure to unusually harsh atmospheric conditions.
3. Loss of inter-coat adhesion between Endura products and other manufacturer’s products.
4. Loss of adhesion due to improper surface preparation or loss of inter-coat adhesion due to improper application.
5. Incorrectly mixed product.
6. Problems caused by unsuitable environmental conditions at time of application and/or curing.