X2-3000 & X2-3500 Aviation Flexible Primer

Endura Aviation Aerospace CoatingsEndura X2-3000 Aviation Flexible Urethane Primer and X2-3500 Aviation Speed Urethane Flexible Primer are two-component Direct to Metal polyurethane primers. Both X2-3000 and X2-3500 offer good build characteristics along with good flexibility with the X2-3500 offering a faster dry time for high production shops.

Product features:
• High Solids
• Self-leveling
• 3 day topcoat window
• Excellent flexibility
• Can be topcoated in 60 minutes
• VOC Compliant

X2-3000 & X2-3500 (speed) Flexible Urethane Sealer TDS rev 1.2

  • X2-A-3000 Aviation Flexible Primer (X2-3000-A SDS rev 1.0)
  • X2-A-3500 Aviation Flexible Primer – Speed (X2-3500-A SDS rev 1.0)
  • X2-B-3000 Activator – Aviation Flexible Primer (X2-3000-B SDS rev 1.0)
  • Reducer (optional)