X1-4500 & 4600 Polish Clear Systems

Endura Aviation Aerospace Coatings

X1-4500 & 4600 Polish Clear is an acrylic clear top coat designed to give extra protection to solid, metallic, and pearl colors. X1-4500/4600 Polish Clear is an easy to spray clear coat that provides a smooth aerospace finish with excellent polishing characteristics. It provides extra protection against the effects of environmental conditions like acid rain. UV light absorbers provide exceptional ultraviolet light protection and increase the service life of all colors.

It is slightly less mechanically tough than our X1-5500 Clear but it is highly polishable.

A 2 part system with a 4:1 (A:B) mix ratio. The Reducer is chosen based on object size, environmental conditions and local VOC regulations. X1-4500 is ‘fast’ (for lower temperature application and X1-4600 is ‘slow’ (for higher temperature applications). Contact your Endura representative for additional information.

Product features:

  • High gloss
  • Easy to spray
  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent polishing characteristics
  • Exceptional ultraviolet light protection

X1-4500 & 4600 Polish Clear TDS rev 1.4




Reducer (optional)