X1-1500 SootGuard Clear System

Endura Aviation Aerospace Coatings

Endura X1-1500 SootGuard Clear is a two component, highly cross-linked, high performance, polyurethane clear coating designed to give extra protection abrasion resistance and easy cleaning properties to existing paint surfaces.

X1-1500 is a 2 part system with a 1:1 (Clear:Activator) ratio. For further information on usage please see the Technical Data Sheet.

Product features:

  • • Exceptionally high gloss
    • Excellent UV Stability, providing long term gloss and color retention
    • Provides a non-stick surface
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Exceptional ultraviolet light protection
    • Exceptional abrasion resistance
    • Outstanding impact resistance

X1-1500 Clear TDS rev 1.3