X1-6500 Flex-Coat Topcoat System

Endura Aviation Aerospace Coatings

Our X1 Flex-Coat Color Topcoat is specially designed to be flexible for fabric covered airplanes. It’s a high performance coating noted for its high gloss, color retention, and excellent resistance to chemicals. Available with PTFE/Teflon™ for additional abrasion protection.

It can be relied upon for easy maintenance, maintaining gloss and color after exposure to harsh weather and intensive cleaning.

X1-6500 is a 3 component system used in a 2:1:1 (Color:Activator:Converter) ratio. The Converter is chosen based on object size, environmental conditions and VOC regulations. For further information on Converters and Reducer usage please see the Technical Data Sheet.

X1-6500 Flex-Coat Topcoat Technical Data Sheet TDS rev 1.4

How To: Application Guide for Fabric Aircraft (updated version coming soon)



  • X1-6500-XLR##### (##### represents a unique color code)